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Greenberg Tweezer for Button Profile Styles
Greenberg Tweezer for Button Profile Styles
With this tweezer you can hold a Button Profile pad securely until you are ready to use it.
per set $80.00


Tweezers for Button Profile DetailIt can be tricky to pick up and hold a Button Profile style. You want to be able to load your placement instrument before starting the procedure, so that the piece is held securely until you are ready to place it.

The funny-looking beak on this cross-locking tweezer is designed to fit snugly around the button on top of the pad. It works best if you lay the pad down and put the chain at the 12:00 noon position. Then, pick up the button from the 6:00 position. The chain will stick out from the top of the beak. You get a better grip this way.

Dr. Andrew Greenberg in Briarcliff NY was the inspiration behind this tweezer. Thank you for this idea!

  • 4-1/2" long.

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