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Small Pad Low Profile - SPLP
Small Pad Low Profile
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Small rectangular pad, less curvy for non-cuspids. Low Profile so nothing interferes with tissue. 3.5mm x 3mm
per piece $24.00

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I use this style, plus the LPLP when I need something larger. I like a rectangular shape and a very low profile, so these two styles are just right for me.

James D. Crine II, DDS, Albuquerque, NM; customer since 2000

For the Low Profile the chain is attached to the pad with a flat, rigid loop so nothing "sticks up"; this minimizes the effect on the surrounding tissue. The Small Pad is rectangular, and lightly curved for surfaces other than cuspids, or for a lingual side.

  • Compare to SPEP (Small Pad Eyelet Profile) and to the larger and curvier Large Rectangular Pad styles
  • Small Pad is 3.5mm x 3mm surgical quality stainless steel with a screen on the bottom to grab your adhesive
  • The 1" chain is gold, neatly welded to the pad with a "U" made of gold wire.

Low Profile styles can be tricky to pick up and hold. What do you grab onto? We offer two solutions for you: