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Designed and Made Just for Us

All our chain is gold, specifically designed and made for us. We attach a 1" length of the chain to the pad.
We will send you Regular Loop chain unless you specify otherwise. Select your chain size when you check out.

Regular Loop
14 links per inch, links are round. This is the chain preferred by most doctors.

XL Loop
13 links per inch, loops are round. Choose this chain if you like larger increments of traction, use a larger wire or thread, or don't like to wear your glasses.
An additional $2.00 per piece.

Twist-On ChainTwist-On Chain
We also offer a Twist-On chain for any Button Profile pad. If you are dealing with a really difficult location, you might want to try a two-step process where you bond just a button pad first, then twist on the chain after the pad is secure. The price is the same as for any Button Pad with the Regular Loop chain.