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Mesh Pad Low Profile - MPLP
Mesh Pad Low Profile
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Mesh screen for great bonding. Low profile so nothing interferes with tissue. You can trim and bend it to work anywhere. 4mm diameter

per piece $30.00

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I use the MPLP because it is so adaptable. I can even fold it in half to use on the incisal edge of a cuspid. Because the mesh bonds so well, I have a reputation that my pads never fall off the tooth.

Stan Orbach, DDS, Fairport, NY; customer since 1998

Mesh is a great choice for success in any application. This style might look delicate, but it is extremely strong and will never come apart on you. It is cintered which means it has been through a high heat process to bond every single intersection of wire. Edges will not fray, and if you trim the mesh it will not unravel. (None of our competitors' mesh pieces are cintered, so you will love our superior quality.)

  • For the Low Profile the chain is attached to the pad with a flat rigid loop so that nothing "sticks up"; this minimizes the effect on the surrounding tissue. Compare to the Mesh Pad Eyelet Profile.
  • Having adhesive problems? Adhesive flows right into the mesh giving you a strong bond.
  • It is flat but flexible, so you can put a "custom" curve into it if you want. Although most people use it the way it is, without bending it or trimming it at all, it's nice to know you can easily modify the shape if you need to.
  • Mesh is 4mm diameter stainless steel.
  • The 1" chain is gold, neatly welded to the mesh with a small gold eyelet loop on the top middle of the pad.
The eyelet styles are all very easy to pick up, but if you need a new placement instrument we recommend the Hu-Friedy Bracket Holder.