Button Pad Oval Curved - BPOC Small Pad Eyelet Profile - SPEP Button Pad Round - BPRO Large Pad Low Profile - LPLP Mesh Pad Eyelet Profile - MPEP
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Button Pad Oval Curved Small Pad Eyelet Profile Button Pad Round Large Pad Low Profile Mesh Pad Eyelet Profile
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Our goal is to provide superior quality and service to every customer.

We make our TractionPads with surgical quality stainless steel pads and nickel-free gold chain which are custom-made to our specifications. We assemble each piece by hand on a jewelers bench. We have very high quality control standards. Our TractionPads might look delicate but we promise they'll never come apart on you. Everything is made in the USA.

You'll especially like our chain. Its smooth and comfortable, its strong but not bulky, and it works with all popular elastic and needle sizes. No more complaints from your orthos.

We are also proud of our terrific customer service. We do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Like to try before you buy? Just ask for a sample.

Can't decide? Try the mixed pack of popular styles.

Just need a few? Order as few as you want. Returns always accepted anyway.

Have an unusual case? We can make something special for you.

Keep dropping the darn things? Check out our placement instruments.

In a hurry? Everything is always in stock, and we can get it to you fast.

Hear From Our Clients

"We were your first customer, in May 1996. Thousands of TractionPads later, we're still with you because we love your product and you take very good care of us."
Oral Surgery Associates,
Eau Claire, WI
Customer since 1996

"The perfect company, to me, cares enough about their customers to make sure everything is right, and I thank you for that. I love your product and I rave about it to everyone."
Dr. Kevin Trombly,
Springfield, MA
Customer since 2001