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Like You, We Have Very High Standards

OrthoTractionPads offers superior quality orthodontic pads with chains for all your expose and bond procedures. We have been in business since 1996, and you may already know us as Connecticut Dental Technologies (CDT). After all these successful years, we decided to change our name to something more descriptive, and to do a complete makeover of our look. This change is very exciting for us and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Not everything has changed! Elizabeth and Chris are still full-time, on-the-job owners, paying attention to every detail. We concentrate on making the best possible product for you, in a variety of pad, profile and chain styles.

The secret to OrthoTractionPad's high quality is that each piece is made by hand on a jeweler's bench in our own workshop, using surgical grade stainless steel pads and 10k gold chain. We control every aspect of production and quality control. And, like you, we have very high standards.

You will appreciate our excellent customer service, too. We are proud to say that our original 10 customers from 1996 are still with us because we have responded to their needs and ideas over the years. OrthoTractionPads has an outstanding reputation for fast, friendly customer service and we promise to take good care of you, too.

We attend many industry shows to give you the opportunity to see OrthoTractionPads and try our Placement Instruments. Click here to see our schedule and come and meet us!